My Career Journey with Vivir Healthcare – Neha Awasthi

Neha Awasthi

Neha Awasthi

20 March 2024

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It is still fresh in my memory my first interview with Vivir Healthcare in January of 2019, that was within days of arriving in Australia. Needless to say, that the outcome of the interview was positive, and I was offered the role as a Physiotherapist! I received Limited Registration and Vivir was the first company that I interviewed with and my first employer in the lovely land down under.

While working at a residential aged care facility (RACF), I worked towards my full registration and received my General Registration in February of 2021. I soon became a Senior Physiotherapist and then was promoted to Clinical Team leader in August 2021. I was assigned 10 residential sites which gave me a great opportunity to liaise with more than 25 clinicians working at these sites. Every time, I was able to assist a clinician in any way possible whether it was a clinical query or a site issue, I felt immense amount of satisfaction. This was great for me professionally as I had an opportunity to learn from many senior clinicians in the team while at the same time providing support to junior clinicians. Since April 2022, I have been promoted to the role of Clinical Lead – Residential.

In my time with Vivir, I have worked in RACF, Home Care and NDIS. I have also had the opportunity to participate in several projects like running the Sunbeam program in several RACFs and more recently, working as part of Vivir’s Social Initiative Committee, which has been a lot of fun. I feel sense of gratitude every single day because of the nature of my work and the amount of positive difference I can bring in people’s lives. I live by Vivir’s value of “Make Their Day” and “Say it, Do it”. There are many beautiful anecdotes that I can share from the last five years, but the one that strikes in my memory is when I worked at a Regional RACF in Wagga Wagga for two weeks. Vivir Healthcare had just earned the contract for the site and the residents were so appreciative of our work as they had not had a regular clinician for some time due to the challenges caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic. The love that I received at this place encouraged me to say yes to working in regional areas whenever it was possible.

Recently I was able to support a Swinburne University student during their 6 weeks student placement program. Every once in a while, it is great to go back to Anatomy, Pathophysiology and Biomechanics!

Looking back at the time in Vivir, one thing that constantly remained the same is the support from all the Managers and the safe, respectful work environment. The amount of flexibility that is offered to us is a huge bonus for working parents like myself.

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