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Telehealth has provided suitable and safe ways to continue providing allied health services to our most vulnerable in isolated and regional communities. Telehealth has been instrumental in solving these challenges and continues to be fully funded across Australia.

Vivir Healthcare recognises that long wait lists or limited access to attending healthcare appointments can be detrimental to the health and wellbeing of your clients. That is why we provide readily available access to evidence-based allied health advice that is tailored to their specific needs - wherever in Australia they call home.

Telehealth To You

Our combined in-person and Telehealth bundle service. The Telehealth clinician leads, assesses, recommends and documents an appointment virtually whilst an Allied Health Assistant attends to the client in-person.

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Q: How does Telehealth work?
A: Once we receive your referral, our expert team will support clients with instructions for setting up the Telehealth session. Our team will guide clients during the appointment, and are trained to manage technology and safety considerations in Telehealth.

Q: Is Telehealth right for me?
Benefits of a Telehealth appointment:

  • Convenient and reduced travel

  • Improved access for regional, remote or isolated clients

  • Reduced in-person contact for vulnerable clients

  • Reduced waiting times 

Q: What are the technology requirements?
A: We use Microsoft Teams as our preferred secure platform. Generally, a device with an internet connection is required. Our Telehealth To You service will provide all the technology requirements, managed by an Allied Health Assistant. We support you through every step of setting up your Telehealth appointment, catered to your needs.

Q: Is it safe and secure?
A: We use a secure and protected server to guarantee the privacy and security of our clients’ personal and medical information. Please get in touch below with any questions.

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