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Vivir Healthcare's WGEA Gender Pay Gap Statement

At Vivir Healthcare, our commitment to fostering a workplace that celebrates diversity and inclusion is unwavering. Our goal is to provide equal opportunities for all individuals, reflecting the rich tapestry of our communities. We firmly believe that embracing diverse perspectives and experiences is essential for driving innovation and success.

To uphold this commitment, we employ various strategies, including engagement surveys, remuneration analyses, and employee feedback forums, to ensure that our practices align with our values. Through these efforts, we aim to create an environment where every team member feels valued and respected, with equal access to opportunities for growth and advancement.

While our efforts have yielded positive results, we acknowledge that there is still work to be done. Our analysis indicates a notable gap in median remuneration, which we attribute to data anomalies in the previous reporting year. We are taking steps to ensure that our database captures gender information accurately for future reporting periods.

Moving forward, we remain steadfast in our commitment to advancing gender equality within Vivir Healthcare. Through ongoing monitoring, targeted interventions, and collaboration with industry partners, we are dedicated to creating a workplace where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Together, we can build an 'Even Better Tomorrow' for all members of our team.