Vivir Healthcare Wellness Program for residents

Wellness Program

An alternative to the Pain Management Program.

Our new program provides allied health intervention founded on evidence-based practice.

Our Wellness Program has been developed in response to the introduction of the new AN-ACC funding model, so we can continue to provide essential allied health care to aged care residents.

Your Allied Health Providers

For those who choose our restorative services, we offer Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology, Dietetics, and Exercise Physiology.

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How it Works:

Our experienced allied health professionals will conduct a needs-based assessment using clinical reasoning and triage skills in consultation with the resident and on-site care staff.

In collaboration, they will then determine allied health goals and the targeted therapy required to achieve them, such as:

  • Exercise-based therapy

  • Mobility training

  • Dynamic balance improvement

  • Manual therapy

  • Functional task-focused activities

​Our allied health professionals will then structure the reablement journey to align with our fully managed Wellness Program that involves: 2 x 30-minute sessions per week.​

Regular outcome measures and quality of life indicators will be used to assess ongoing progress.


  • Only pay for services provided

  • Social contact & interaction

  • Ability to scale-up based on need

  • Decreased regulatory compliance requirements

  • Maximise clinical care Longer sessions for higher needs

  • Provide positive outcomes for residents

Our Wellness Program is designed to maintain the social and health benefits of the ACFI 12.4b pain program

whilst offering additional evidence-based, best practice interventions for older Australians.

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Wellness Program

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