Maitry's Career Journey as a Physiotherapist with Vivir Healthcare

Maitry P

Maitry P

16 February 2024

vivir healthcare physiotherapist career

I started my career with Vivir Healthcare in December 2019 as a limited registered Physiotherapist in Tasmania. When I started working with Vivir, I started taking manual handling sessions and it really helped me improve my skills of using mechanical aids with residents. The other thing I learned in Tasmania is the importance of strong work ethics and teamwork. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, our leaders couldn't be on-site with us regularly, but our small and tight-knitted team performed very well. This experience helped me develop a very positive and strong work ethic which also includes good communication and being of greater support for my colleagues. My public speaking skills also improved too during this time, strengthening my confidence.

When I started, I was struggling to deal with residents and especially residents with dementia. But eventually I developed my patience through practise and further education, and now I really enjoy working with and supporting residents experiencing cognitive decline. This is a good change in my behaviour and great for my personal and professional development which I am liking and enjoying. I like working in Residential Aged Care because residents are very loving and caring. Some of the residents really take care of you like their grandkids and give you all their precious life lessons.

After 10 wonderful months in Tasmania, I was then offered a relocation opportunity. I decided to move to Young, a town in the Western Slopes region of NSW. I really enjoyed working in Young because I got a very helpful Team Leader, Tyler. I worked there for over 12 months and then I moved to the beautiful Blue Mountains in Leura NSW. I have been working in Leura for more than 24 months now and enjoying every moment working here and getting to know the local community. I have also achieved General Registration as a Physiotherapist since moving to Leura!

With the support of Vivir, I have also started my training for Home Care and NDIS, so I can support more clients. And I have successfully learned how to take group exercise classes and develop both group and individual exercise plans. 

Working with a diverse range of residents in the aged care space, I realise how much of a positive difference a Physiotherapist can make in an elderly person's life. It has changed my point of view towards looking at life. Life is very precious, and I intend to enjoy each and every moment. When I see residents reminiscing about their life, I feel like we need to gather more memories to reminisce. Working in Residential Aged Care with Vivir Healthcare has given me so much and played a pivotal role in my life and career for the better.

We are always on the lookout for amazing physiotherapists with a passion for 'making lives better' to join our team right around Australia! Check out all our roles on our jobs page here.