OT Week: What OT Means to Me

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Vivir Healthcare

26 October 2022

OT Week 2022 Video

This year, OT Week runs from the 24th to the 30th of October with World Occupational Therapy Day being held on the 27th October 2022.

OT Week is a National Week held annually, that provides us with the opportunity to celebrate and talk about all things occupational therapy. Occupational Therapists do an incredibly important job at Vivir Healthcare and work across our Homecare, Disability Services and Residential team.

What OT Means To Me

The theme for Occupational Therapy Week 2022 is “What OT means to me”. This theme enables the entire Occupational Therapy community to shine a spotlight on the care and professionalism OTs deliver to their clients. In the spirit of this theme, we asked seven Vivir Healthcare Occupational Therapists to describe what occupational therapy means to them. Here is what they had to say:

Bavinta, NSW

Being a Community Occupational Therapist in the aged care sector means being a problem solver, counselor, advocate, and clinical expert. To ensure I can promote healthy aging at home through enablement, engagement, and empowerment.

Rebecca, Victoria

Being an OT to me means I'm privlidged in meeting so many different and inspiring people, being allowed into their lives to help them achieve goals that are meaningful to them. It's incredible that we get to work alongside others and problem solve, share our knowledge and ultimately improve their quality of life- with smiles along the way!

Kathleen, NSW

Being an aged care Community OT to me, means more than safety and independence and staying at home as long as possible. It's also giving back dignity to people who at times feel they have lost all their identity and purpose as they have aged. I feel so grateful to be able to meet, sit with and talk to all of my clients and to see their huge smiles and sighs of relief even if it was simply making standing up that little bit easier.

Delia, Queensland

“For me, working as an OT for the Vivir Community Team, means connecting with people in their home and supporting them to live their best life."

Lucy, Queensland

Being an OT to me in the NDIS space, means being able to visit people in their location of choice, helping them to identify their goals and ways we can help them achieve this. Helping someone to engage in meaningful activities to promote their independence is a priviage to be a part of.

Dee. Queensland

Being an OT, working in the NDIS space for me, means connecting with people, helping them to identify their goals and advocate for them to make an impactful change in their life.

Elaime, Victoria

Being an OT means to be able to help people to solve practical problems in everyday life with the ultimate goal of restoring their capacity to engage and participate in tasks, activities and relationships. It is seen the world through the lens of inclusion, diversity and creative possibilities.

Thank you to our Occupational Therapists in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria for sharing your statements. And thank you to each of our Occupational therapists, who make a difference throughout Australia. We are so appreciative of your work, and what you do for your residents, clients, participants and the community!

Do you prefer to watch videos? View and share our OT Week video below.

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