Physiotherapy Gym Grand Opening!

Vivir Healthcare

Vivir Healthcare

14 September 2022


Mildred Symon's Gym Grand Opening

Vivir Healthcare Physiotherapists Di Maxwell and Occupational Therapist Lucy Zhang have recently supported the grand opening of Anglicare’s Mildred Symons House Physio Gym.

Entering the facility at Jannali and shown around by site lead clinician Di, you could feel the buzz and excitement of the day from both residents and staff members. The residents all greet Di with smiles and cheeky remarks. Di’s enthusiasm for the new physio gym is infectious.

“This gym will help increase safe mobility by managing pain, improving strength and range of movement. It also creates a supportive positive environment for the residents to encourage each other with their fitness goals."

- Di Maxwell, Physiotherapist, Vivir Healthcare

The physiotherapy gym will further support residents’ self-confidence. The gym has fit balls, hand weights and strap weights, pedal exercisers, mirrored walls with a handrail, shoulder pulleys, theraband and balance disks.

As the time pushes closer to the grand opening, the residents, of all ages and abilities, start to make their way to the gym. One resident is 101 years old and when asked what his secret to a long life is, his response is “to remain active and exercise”.

The clock strikes 10 and the ribbon is cut by Care Manager Sarah Riach to officially mark the opening. Sarah remarks how great it is to see all the residents ready to engage with the gym. A total of 22 residents have signed up straight away for initial appointments; an encouraging sign.

The day is full of demonstrations of their ergonomically designed equipment for older people. The Vivir Healthcare Physiotherapy team, are offering one-to-one program evaluations, health and fitness assessments and the creation of exercise plans to achieve individual residents’ goals.

There will also be small groups three times a week for more intensive activity, such as fit ball, weights, cycling class and standing balance which will complement the ongoing daily gentle exercise classes.

This physiotherapy gym aims to provide residents with the opportunity to establish routine to exercise and improve their wellbeing. Numerous studies report multiple benefits from exercise for residents in aged care facilities, including improved mental health, decrease risk of falls, increase social engagement and improved cognitive function.

At Vivir Healthcare we are all about making lives better so it was exciting to see many residents eager to participate. This gym is a fantastic addition to Mildred Symon's House and we know it will make a difference in the lives of their residents.