'The Great Reshuffle': Healthcare Recruitment

Tracy Wright - Talent Acquisition Manager, Vivir Healthcare

Tracy Wright - Talent Acquisition Manager, Vivir Healthcare

25 February 2022

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Kicking into 2022 we have witnessed further fluctuation across the Australian workforce, and while many industries are dubbing it 'The Great Resignation’, we explore a different perspective to this fluctuation, and how the Aged Care industry can use these changes to benefit themselves and their clinicians.​

Let’s call it ‘The Great Reshuffle’ instead.

As we navigate our way through life post lockdown, one thing is clear, we are asking ourselves to reconsider what is essential. Along with the rest of the Australian workforce, clinicians are reprioritising what they want from their employers. They are searching for solutions to clinician burnout, a greater work-life balance, and further learning and development.

This gives Aged Care Facilities and other allied health employers the opportunity to revisit and update their Employment Value Propositions to entice candidates who may have not considered them previously.

Clinician Burnout

Feeling overwhelmed and at risk of burnout is the most common challenge experienced by healthcare workers. With Aged Care facilities in lockdown, residents at high risk, shortages of PPE it’s no surprise clinicians have felt overworked and anxious. By reviewing contracts and working with current clinicians to find a solution you can reduce turnover. For attracting potential candidates looking to escape burnout at their current position offer more flexibility in roles. For example, is there an opportunity for a full-time role to be part-time?

If you are a Vivir Healthcare Allied Health Professional and are experiencing burnout please reach out to your clinical lead or support team. ​

Better work-life balance

With burnout becoming a greater concern for candidates the importance of work-life balance has been amplified. Ultimately candidates are looking for flexibility and better working conditions, but our Talent Acquisitions Team has witnessed this translate into changes in job preferences.

Hiring Insights for Allied Health 2022

Our talent acqusitions team have witnessed an increase in clinicians:

  • electing to have permanent part-time contracts or work casual hours

  • preferencing regional, community or aged care facility (with feedback it offers a better work-life balance)

  • exploring a different sector (e.g. clinicians increasingly interested in our community or NDIS sectors as they offer more flexible rosters)

  • clinicians who had exited aged care sector returning on a casual basis

  • as graduates opting to start their career in Aged Care

While some clinicians have reshuffled across into new sectors, others have elected to leave their employers for new careers. However, we have witnessed an increase in graduates joining the social assistance industry contributing to the 'reshuffle' of Allied Health Professionals, as graduates apply for jobs that were once unavailable.

To respond to this shift, we have revisited our own Vivir Graduate Program to further tailor and structure our graduate support.

Adapting to a new landscape

While healthcare vacancies look set to climb, this brings opportunities for those already in aged care and for those looking to move across. At Vivir Healthcare we have revisited our Employee Value Proposition to offer our clinicians greater flexibility with work-load, location, and further opportunities for development.

Here are some ways we are offering more to our clinicians:

  • Internal promotions
    Now is the time to speak with your team leader to review and further develop your career plan

  • Training and/or upskilling
    Take advantage of Vivir’s $700 PD allowance and start looking into that course you’ve been meaning to do

  • Changing your contract to fit around your lifestyle
    Looking for increased flexibility? Speak with your team leader to see what options are available

  • Start working from home
    Speak to our recruitment team about our telehealth opportunities

  • Escape to regional Australia for 6 weeks
    Vivir will pay for your travel and accommodation for clinicians who want to take a temporary contract

​Being agile and offering your employees greater flexibility will allow your 'Great Resignition' to be a reshuffle leaving your business stronger and more prepared for 2022.