8 New Years Resolutions for Seniors

Vivir Healthcare

Vivir Healthcare

27 December 2021

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Whether you're in an aged care setting, a carer supporting a client, a loved-one of an elderly person, or are just searching for New Year's resolution suggestions, we have come up with 8 New Year's resolutions to improve wellbeing.

Resolutions to Improve Wellbeing

  1. Try Something New
    Challenging yourself by taking up a new activity or reading a new book can be extremely rewarding. Adventure does not have to involve climbing mountains or learning a new language. Every day can be an adventure if you simply aim to try something new.

  2. Complete a Daily Form of Exercise
    Consult with your Allied Health Professional to receive an insight into what type of exercise might be appropriate for you. Exercises can be completed independently, or with assistance.

  3. Embrace Technology
    Technology can be daunting, or it can be a gateway to a whole new world. Technology can be excellent for staying in contact with family and friends, learning new skills, watching your favourite television shows or even completing brain teasers.

  4. Set a Weekly Activity Goals
    Many Residential Aged Care Facilities and community groups offer daily activities, so establishing a weekly goal to attend a set number of activities can be a fantastic way to try new things or learn a new skill.

  5. Share Your Memories
    Sharing your photos, stories and milestones from your younger years can dramatically lift your spirits and others’. Your memories can be shared with your family, friends, care staff and the Vivir team.

  6. Make a New Friend
    Social engagement and participation are extremely important for older adults, so why not make a new friend? Research has shown that enhancing social engagement can lead to better cognition and overall health and decreased risk of disability and depression.

  7. Speak About Your Feelings
    Only good things can come from sharing your feelings, whether they are good feelings or bad. Many seniors have grown up in an era where holding your cards close to your chest was the norm. However, if you are experiencing symptoms of hopelessness or depression, we have learned that the best thing we can do is reach out for help! There are many support services available.

  8. Learn More About Your Own Health
    Health is a state of physical, mental, and social well-being and not simply the absence of disease. You can learn about your own health by asking your Doctor, Carer, or Allied Health Professional questions. Your health providers can support you in developing simple steps to feel better and achieve new goals and milestones each day.

New Year's resolutions help us enter into the next chapter of our lives on a positive foot. It gives us goals to achieve and creates the framework for the rest of the year. At Vivir Healthcare we believe it is important to set achievable goals that support health and wellbeing.