Building up the Physiotherapy Community

Shabreena Mavi - Physiotherapist Clinical Team Leader, Vivir Healthcare

Shabreena Mavi - Physiotherapist Clinical Team Leader, Vivir Healthcare

22 October 2020

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​Shabreena Mavi, one of our seasoned physiotherapists, details below how and why she takes her involvement in the physiotherapy community to the next level.

Passion for physiotherapy & aged care

I am an APHRA registered physiotherapist, currently working as a Clinical Manager and Team Leader with Vivir Healthcare WA. I am passionate about my field and driven to improve the wellbeing and care of older people. Wherever I see gaps in treatment or care, I see an opportunity for improvement. That is why I have always put my hand up and become involved in platforms that allow me to improve services and care for elderly population.

Contributing to our allied health community

In Australia, I have been involved in training and mentoring graduate physiotherapists and occupational therapists in aged care and in private practice; even having acted as a university placement coordinator in WA. I currently volunteer with Mentors Group in WA, to provide support for members of multicultural groups who would like to get involved, or are seeking employment, in healthcare.

Creating dialogue for allied health in aged care

Most recently I have joined the GPA committee (Gerontology Physiotherapy Association) in Western Australia. Part of the APA (Australian Physiotherapy Association), the GPA aims to open discussion and exchange of knowledge in regard to concerns and issues raised in aged care and looking for better solutions and best care for our elderly population. This involves monthly meetings, discussing agendas related to Physiotherapy.

As we all know, you cannot approach Physiotherapy as a one-size fits all. With elderly population in particular there are so many variables that can affect how we approach treatment. I strongly believe that through open dialogue we are able to build our expertise and discover new approaches to treatment – and that is what I hope to accomplish as a member of the GPA and also be a voice for them to be able to get the best service and care.

Investing in physiotherapy and aged care

Training aged care physiotherapists and clinic-based physiotherapists offers me the opportunity to share this knowledge and experience. I have found fulfilment in contributing to the growth of our clinicians.

It is no secret physiotherapists are heavily in-demand; I often find private practice and aged care homes are strained to find someone APHRA qualified to fill vacancies and provide essential care for their residents and clients. By supporting graduates and overseas clinicians establish themselves, and by contributing to the development of evidence based rehabilitation and treatments for the elderly, I not only build on my own expertise but improve care for many seniors nationally.