Aged Care: A Future-Proof Career Path?

Vivir Healthcare

Vivir Healthcare

21 February 2018


​With the rise of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and outsourcing of Australian jobs, the importance of choosing a career that is ‘future-proof’ is more important than ever. When looking at the supply and demand of workers, the health sector, and in particular the aged care sector, is struggling to meet the demand of an aging population.

This may not be great news for the industry but is however, great news for current health workers, recent graduates and students looking to find a career that will be stable and full of opportunities.

The Aged Care ‘Puzzle’ and what it means for employment longevity
McCrindle Research reports that by 2050 we will only have 5 workers per retired couple compared with the 10 workers we saw in 2010. Clearly demand is rising – which makes a career in Aged Care a fantastic choice for people looking for a reliable and long term career option.

Vivir Healthcare, a leading healthcare provider in the aged care sector, has supported the career growth of allied health professionals for almost 20 years.

The benefits of a career in Aged Care with Vivir Healthcare
An aged care career with Vivir has multiple benefits such as:

  • Work that truly makes a positive difference to elderly people’s lives daily

  • Flexibility of hours to suit social and family commitments

  • Variety of work (see ‘Type of Work’ below)

  • Various career paths within the company

  • The flexibility to choose work enviroments

  • Ability to work as a Locum – suiting people who love to move around to new and different locations and take on new customers and challenges.

  • Graduate pathways – Vivir graduates can join structured professional development programs to receive coaching and pathways to future team leadership opportunities. Get in touch with us here if you are interested in a discussion around this.

  • The ability to learn, develop and hone your skills

  • The ability to convert international experience into Australian recognised qualifications.

I am surrounded by a great team, who are energetic and passionate in what they do. Vivir provides opportunities for growth, personal development, and much needed work-life balance. – Sophiya, Vivir Clinician

The Work Environment
Vivir work environments include:

Aged care facilities

Holistic allied health assessments, care plans and treatments to residents

Community centers

Goal-oriented services delivered to groups in the community

Individual homes

Delivering wellness and re-ablement initiatives to help seniors live at home

Retirement villages

Individualised allied health services catering to the needs of seniors

Health provider support offices.

Supporting and coordinating the services of the wider Vivir network

The Type of Work
The work our clinicians perform includes:

Pain management: A physiotherapy and occupational therapy led program for the treatment and management of pain

Functional and mobility assessment: A consultative physiotherapy and occupational therapy assessment and care plan service

Individual care and treatment plans: Multi-disciplinary care and treatment plans for the overall management of health and well-being

Home and environment assessments: Occupational therapy assessments and tailored recommendations to live safely at home

Telephone support: Delivering dietetics and speech pathology services to seniors via video and voice calls

Want to join our talent community?
Talented people are core to our business and we are always keen to identify people who are highly skilled and potential aspiring team members. We’d love you to be part of our talent community so you can be the first in line to be considered when a new opportunity comes up at Vivir.