Residential Facility Telehealth Services

Residential Telehealth

We are offering telehealth for speech pathology and dietetics services directly to your facility. This allows ongoing allied health input with no physical contact. Telehealth can be arranged for a single resident or for a group of residents requiring assessment and review. We can offer Telehealth services for both speech pathology and dietetics. 

Residential Telehealth Solutions

Speech Pathology Residential Telehealth
Speech Pathology

This can include swallowing assessments, communication assessments and IDDSI reviews. With ongoing health deficits and potential respiratory complications, the risk of aspiration pneumonia increases. Engagement in speech pathology services can assist to control this risk. 

Dietetics Residential Telehealth

Telehealth for dietetics can include management of malnourished residents, weight loss concerns, advice for supplement requirements and offsite menu reviews to maintain accreditation standards.

Telehealth FAQs

Is it safe and secure?

We use a secure and protected server to guarantee the privacy and security of the residents’ personal and medical information. We only use platforms that guarantee the safety of all residents’ personal information. 

How do I start?

To apply for this service complete the attached referral and send it to au. We will respond with a list of requirements and instructions for setting up the telehealth session. Generally, a phone or tablet with internet connection is required. We will support you in this set up and offer a dedicated phone line for telehealth support at 1300 184 187. 

For more information on this service please email Contact Us