about 1 month ago

NDIS Physiotherapy 101

​Physiotherapy has been proven to reduce pain, improve quality of life and support people to achieve their own personalised goals. Physiotherapy is so much more than giving a participant an exercise. At Vivir our physiotherapists are here to help...

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about 2 months ago

Vivir Learning Launches!

We are excited to announce the launch of your new Vivir Learning platform as part of our rollout to improve the overall Professional Development experience for our clinicians.​What is Vivir Learning?Vivir Learning is our new Learning Management S...

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3 months ago

Falls Prevention: Part ll

Read part one of our Falls Prevention blog series here.​Falls in Aged CareUnfortunately, due to the needs and health status of residents in aged care, falls are a common occurrence. Whilst most falls are preventable, it is inevitable that falls wi...

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4 months ago

Falls Prevention: Part l

What is a Fall? A fall is described as an incident where an individual inadvertently comes to rest on a level lower to them such as the ground (DHHS, 2017-2020). A fall occurring in an aged care facility is often categorised as a witnessed or unwi...

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5 months ago

Graduates: How to Apply for a Job in Healthcare

At Vivir Healthcare we provide opportunities for graduates to kick-start their career in allied health. While we openly offer the opportunity for the inexperienced to gain experience, we still find some graduates hesitant to as they’re uncertain...

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6 months ago

Diabetes in Aged Care

an ​Diabetes is a growing concern in the aged care setting. It is now estimated that up to 25% of residents in an aged care setting can have diabetes and this number is likely to grow due to our ageing population. What is Diabetes? Diabetes occu...

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7 months ago

Easter Activities For Seniors with Dementia

​Take Easter 2021 as an opportunity to brighten the day and mind of an elderly resident, friend or family member living with dementia.Becoming involved in festive activities can stimulate positive memories, encourage engagement and self-express...

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8 months ago

Podiatry Partnership Announcement

​Vivir Healthcare are excited to announce the expansion of our fully managed allied health services to now include podiatry. To deliver these podiatry services effectively, Vivir Healthcare have established a strategic partnership with ethical al...

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9 months ago

Free Ebook: Mental Health in Aged Care

Beyond Blue reported approximately 35% of residents in aged care experience mental health conditions, particularly depression. ​Mental Health and Caring for the ElderlyOur resident Occupational Therapist, Brittany Raux, has authored a whitepap...

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Mental Health Whitepaper Vivir 2021
10 months ago

12 Ways You Can Bring Christmas Cheer to Your Facility

​The holiday season is a challenging time for some seniors, but with a little extra effort you can make it special for your residents. Christmas Activities for Seniors Here are 12 of our top activities to spread the cheer in your facility this ye...

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11 months ago

Aged Care Funding in Australia Q&A

Aged Care Funding 101For years our experienced Head of Shared Services, Michael Gaggiano, has navigated the tricky world of aged care funding and is now providing us with answers to some common questions he receives. So, if you’re searching for f...

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12 months ago

Building up the Physiotherapy Community

​Shabreena Mavi, one of our seasoned physiotherapists, details below how and why she takes her involvement in the physiotherapy community to the next level. Passion for physiotherapy & aged care I am an APHRA registered physiotherapist, curr...

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about 1 year ago

Physiotherapy: Beyond Building Physical Strength

​Working in aged care means an interesting, diverse and challenging caseload. As a physio, it is always most rewarding to use clinical skills to assist a person with physical recovery. After a significant stroke, in hospital Viktor* and his family...

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over 2 years ago

International Women’s Day Reflections from our EGM

​To celebrate International Women’s Day, Vivir Healthcare held a competition for our team members to share their personal stories of women in their lives who inspire – Balance for Better.We have selected our winner’s stories to share with you. ‘Mo...

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over 2 years ago

What’s it like for new graduate OTs working in aged care?

​We asked our Senior Occupational Therapist, Jordan Labrooy, about what it was like to work in aged care as a new graduate. If you’re looking to develop initiative, a broad skill-set and open multiple career pathways, don’t miss what Jordan has to...

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almost 3 years ago

The Importance of Occupational Therapy

​One of the services that Vivir Healthcare provide is Occupational Therapy (OT). To celebrate the World Occupational Therapy Day (27th of October), we’ve shared a personal story from our own OT, Catherine Hu.Occupational Therapy is important and t...

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about 3 years ago

The Agents of Change Project

​Vivir Healthcare has joined an innovative project to make evidence-based service improvements, to people with dementia and their families.Vivir is partnering with Flinders University in Adelaide, for the Agents of Change project. It is a nationwi...

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over 3 years ago

A Business Case for Wellness: A snapshot of Vivir’s wellness services

​Following the recommendations put forward in the 2017 Legislated Review of Aged Care, providers across Australia have been busy embedding wellness and reablement into their organisations.With an array of new practice models and many pilots underw...

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over 3 years ago

Knowing Your Millennial Allied Health Workforce

​Vivir had the pleasure of attending the LASA Tri-State Conference in Albury this month. There were a wide range of topics presented and much discussion had both during the day and at the conference dinner.Workforce was a hot topic across several ...

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over 3 years ago

Aged Care: A Future-Proof Career Path?

​With the rise of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and outsourcing of Australian jobs, the importance of choosing a career that is ‘future-proof’ is more important than ever. When looking at the supply and demand of workers, the health sector, and in par...

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