8 days ago

My Journey from Dietitian to Clinical Coordinator: A Reflection

​As I sit back and reflect on my career journey with Vivir Healthcare over the past five years, I am filled with gratitude for the incredible opportunities and experiences that have shaped my professional growth in the Dietetics space within the a...

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Marissa Blog
14 days ago

Career Progression & Development Opportunities at Vivir Healthcare - Interview with our Clinical Services Manager Tyler Burrowes

​At Vivir Healthcare we are very passionate about career progression and development for our clinicians. We believe in creating an environment of continuous learning, providing our clinicians with practical experience in different areas of alli...

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about 1 month ago

The incredible work of allied health assistants in supporting Telehealth services

​Allied Health Assistants at Vivir Healthcare play an important role in the high level of support we can provide our clients across Australia. While our Allied Health Assistants support our clinicians across Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, a...

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about 2 months ago

My Career Journey with Vivir Healthcare – Daniel Corcoran

​As an allied healthcare worker, every part of my journey with Vivir Healthcare has been a great experience, shaping both my professional growth and personal outlook on life. It all began in 2020, when I joined the Vivir Healthcare residential te...

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Daniel C
2 months ago

My Career Journey with Vivir Healthcare – Neha Awasthi

​It is still fresh in my memory my first interview with Vivir Healthcare in January of 2019, that was within days of arriving in Australia. Needless to say, that the outcome of the interview was positive, and I was offered the role as a Physiother...

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3 months ago

Unlocking Wellness: The Transformative Power of Allied Healthcare Services

​In a time where health and wellness are always top of mind, embracing a holistic approach to healthcare has become increasingly essential for Australians of all ages. Think Reformer Pilates, Mediterranean Diet, and Run Club. In a recent poll cond...

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3 months ago

Maitry's Career Journey as a Physiotherapist with Vivir Healthcare

I started my career with Vivir Healthcare in December 2019 as a limited registered Physiotherapist in Tasmania. When I started working with Vivir, I started taking manual handling sessions and it really helped me improve my skills of using mechan...

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4 months ago

Interview with Susannah Neame on Vivir Healthcare’s Cultural Safety Framework

​At Vivir Healthcare, our goal is 'to improve access to healthcare, so that every person can continue living a meaningful life - wherever they live'. We acknowledge that this is a journey and will be achieved by working to enhance, rather than d...

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4 months ago

My Vivir Healthcare Career Journey as a Physiotherapist

​My Physiotherapy career with Vivir Healthcare has taken me all over Australia. I first started with Vivir in 2017 in Sale Victoria where I supported one of our client’s Residential Aged Care Facilities for over two years. I was keen for a chan...

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Blog Reinier
5 months ago

The Vital Role of Physiotherapists in Fostering Community Health and Happiness

​When it comes to community health and well-being, physiotherapists emerge as unsung heroes, playing a crucial role in keeping our society mobile, healthy and able. At Vivir Healthcare, we see firsthand the impact that physiotherapy has on indiv...

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6 months ago

Celebrating the abilities of people with a disability this IDPwD

​Every year on the 3rd of December is International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD). Officially announced by the United Nations in 1992, IDPwD is a day observed all over the world as it aims to promote and showcase community awareness and a...

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7 months ago

How to nail your interview as an Allied Health Professional

Interviewing for a career in the allied health field can be an intimidating task. From researching the job and organisation to practicing responses to anticipated questions, the process requires due diligence and thoughtful preparation. However, w...

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7 months ago

Forklift Luke's Incredible Journey to Arnhem Land

Have you ever had an experience that is both humbling and exhilarating? That’s how people who have experienced Garma Festival describe it. Garma Festival is Australia’s largest Indigenous gathering, a vibrant 4-day celebration of Yolngu life an...

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8 months ago

Get fit while you sit!

A healthy and active lifestyle is important for everyone, regardless of mobility levels and abilities. Seated exercises are a revolutionary approach to fitness that enables individuals with mobility issues or limitationsto stay active. Let’s have ...

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9 months ago

The role of physiotherapy in managing Parkinson’s disease

​Parkinson’s disease is a progressively degenerative neurological disorder that affects millions of people worldwide, and approximately 219,000 people in Australia. Parkinson’s disease, and assisting people living with the disorder, is of person...

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9 months ago

​Managing Professional Development as an Allied Health Professional

Allied Health Professionals must maintain a level of knowledge, education and certification to meet the requirements of an association, professional body or registration. There is a range of education and learning options to support these professi...

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10 months ago

Speech Pathology: much more than just words

Speech pathology is the study, diagnosis, and treatment of communication disorders, including challenges with speaking, listening, language comprehension, reading, writing, social skills, stuttering and using the voice. Speech pathologists, also k...

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Speech Pathology
11 months ago

Why the world needs more Occupational Therapists

In today's rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, the demand for skilled professionals who can provide holistic care is on the rise. Among these valuable experts are occupational therapists (OTs), who play a vital role in improving the lives of...

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almost 1 year ago

Maintaining Pride in Aged Care

Navigating the aged care system can be overwhelming for anyone, but when you’re part of a minority group who has historically experienced violence, isolation, and stigma, this process becomes even more daunting. Quite often when we think of Pri...

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about 1 year ago

Osteopathy in Residential Aged Care

​As the Australian population ages, the demand for quality care in residential aged care facilities is increasing. Elderly residents in these facilities often face various health challenges that require specialized attention through a multidiscipl...

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