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Allied Health specialist services to help you, your staff and your residents


Vivir physiotherapists assess residents’ mobility, transfers and activities of daily living, to identify their needs and subsequently address them through a care plan. Thereafter, they continue to review the care plan on a regular basis to evaluate its effectiveness and also attend to referrals from nursing and medical staff.

Vivir physiotherapists also undertake complex pain assessments of residents and deliver pain management programs that meet the requirement of ACFI Complex Health Care. They also support your aged care facility to meet its accreditation standards pertaining to allied health services and optimise your entitlement to government subsidies.


Vivir dietitians assess and review residents’ current dietary intake, weight, oral supplements and medical history to ensure the residents’ nutritional needs are met. They also provide dietary recommendations and supplements to address nutritional concerns.

Vivir dietitians can also provide education programs and menu reviews as required.



Vivir podiatrists assess and review residents’ feet and lower limbs and consider relevant medical history, current conditions and footwear. They manage and develop treatment plans for nail and skin conditions or wounds that may occur due to disease, trauma or age.

Vivir podiatrists can also provide footwear and prescription education to residents, staff and family as required.

Occupational Therapists

Vivir occupational therapists undertake assessments of residents’ physical, communication, interaction, psychosocial and cognitive skills and needs. They prescribe and educate residents and carers in the use of adaptive equipment to assist in resident function.

Vivir occupational therapists can also undertake specialist interventions in health conditions including surgery, burns and HIV to regain or enhance the residents’ daily lives and assess and modify their environments to improve their safety and independence.

Speech Pathologists

Vivir speech pathologists identify speech and communication difficulties and disorders. They assess and treat swallowing and communication difficulties arising from a range of causes (including dysphagia, congenital problems such as cleft palate, or acquired disorders after a stroke or injury).

Vivir speech pathologists devise, implement and revise specific treatment programs for each resident.